Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 Kathleen O'Reilly books

Kthleen O'Reilly creates an incredible trio of books with the O'Sullivan brother books. First up is the youngest brother Gabe's book titled Shaken and Stirred. Gabe is one of the owners of the bar Prime, which as been in the O'Sullivan family for over 80 years. Gabe offers Tessa Hart, who is one of the Prime bartenders his spare bedroom when she has to move out of her apartment quickly. Things heat up very quickly and soon Gabe and Tessa can't keep their hands off each other. Tessa and Gabe both grow as the book progresses. Tessa, at Gabe's suggestion, drops her accounting program to focus on real estate in New York City. Gabe shows her that she has a gift for real estate and Tessa excels at her new endeavor. The only stumbling block for Gabe and Tessa is Tessa's past, which makes her slow to trust. Gabe convinces Tessa of his love and they work to keep their life together.

Sex, Straight Up focuses on oldest brother Daniel O'Sullivan. Daniel lost his first wife Michelle on 9/11, and has avoided all romantic relationships for the past 7 years. Daniel takes a weekend trip to Hamptons at his brother's insistence and meets Catherine Montefiore. They have a very hot weekend together, only for Catherine to believe that Daniel is still married when she sees him putting his wedding ring back on as he leaves. Catherine's family business is going through an audit and of course, Daniel is the person hired to investigate the situation. Daniel and Catherine both try to fight their attraction, only to finally give in. Both must get past fears from their past, Catherine, who has always felt like she doesn't measure up, and Daniel, must finally let go of Michelle without feeling guilt. Daniel and Catherine learn to fight for the love they share for one another.

The final book in the trilogy is Nightcap, which is the story of middle brother Sean O'Sullivan. Sean has never in his life had to fight to get any woman to look at him, or to have sex with him. When he meets Cleo Hollings, he immediately wants her, but must work to get past her shell to be with her. Cleo has been burned in the past by men, due to her mother's illness. Cleo is very attracted to Sean, but is unsure if she can trust him when life gets bad as her mother's illness progresses. Sean fights to be with Cleo, in both a relationship and help with her mother as needed. Cleo and Sean choose love and hard work to make sure they can stay together through anything that is thrown their way.

The epilogue wraps up the O'Sullivan trio as all romances should be wrapped up. You get your happy endings all around, and find out how all of their lives progress. O'Reilly writes wonderful stories that make the reader feel like they are in the story. Her characters seem like your everyday people and make you feel that you could be friends with each of them.

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