Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Upon The Midnight Clear

Upon the Midnight Clear is the story of Aidan O'Conner, his brother Donnie, the God of pain Dolor, and Leta, a dream goddess. Upon the Midnight Clear is a very fast read. You get to see many of the Dream-Hunters from other books, and even get to see Hades and Dolor's sister Lyssa. Lyssa even helps Leta and Aidan with how to battle Dolor. There are quick battles and each person having to learn to trust and let go of different emotions to move forward.

Another fabulous book by Kenyon. You even get a bonus Christmas short story at the end of the book. Holiday Gatherings takes you back to New Orleans, where you see many of the Dark-Hunters and Were-Hunters as they celebrate Christmas. You even get to see how Ash, Simi and her sister, Artemis, Kat, and Sin celebrate Christmas.

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