Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sins of the Night

Sins of the Night is the story of the Dark-Huntress Danger and the Enforcer the Alexion. Alexion has been sent by Acheron to make sure the Dark-Hunters in Mississippi are not falling prey to the lies of Stryker is saying. Alexion has the job of eliminating any Dark-Hunter that goes rogue. Of course, Alexion had no idea when he met Danger that he would have feelings for a woman for the first time in over 9,000 years. Danger must not only decide if she believes Alexion, she also must try to convince other Dark-Hunters that Alexion is telling the truth. We are introduced to more Dark-Hunters in this book and learn that Simi, Acheron's demon, even has a sister. Xirena becomes Alexion's demon, so she can be with her younger sister. Another great Dark-Hunter story full of drama, romance, and action

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