Friday, April 11, 2008

Seize the Night

I loved Seize the Night! Tabitha Devereaux and Valerius Magnus might be the most challenged couple so far in the Dark-Hunter series. Valerius(or Val as only Tabitha can call him), is Tabitha's brother-in-law's mortal enemy. Not only do Valerius and Tabitha have to deal with her family, Desiderius has found a way to come back to try and take down the Dark-Hunters by killing Amanda & Kyrian's daughter Marissa. Acheron also has some things happen to him that leads the reader to question even more as to what Acheron really is. Acheron does let some of the Dark-Hunters know that he is a God, but he erases the statement from their memory before he leaves them. There is drama, romance, twist, and an event that makes you cry. Seize the Night is a very fast and wonderful read!

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