Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising was the fourth in the Midnight Breed series. This is the story of Rio, who was injured in a major explosion, that left him scarred and pretty much ready to end his life. Midnight Rising begins where Midnight Awakening ended in the crypt just outside of Prague. Rio first sees Dylan Alexander as she is lead to the crypt by a ghost. Rio has been in the crypt for over 5 months, having no contact with anyone of the Breed warriors. Rio ends up having to take Dylan back with him due to the pictures she has taken of the crypt. From the moment they meet, the chemistry is obvious, but once they return to the states, the chemistry leaps off the pages. Midnight Rising leaves you wishing for December when Veil of Midnight, the next in the Midnight Breed series, is released.

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