Friday, April 18, 2008

The Memory Keeper's Daughter

I read The Memory Keeper's Daughter for two reasons. One it was recommended by both my sister and my aunt. Two, Lifetime made a movie out of the book. Lifetime did a really great job adapting the book into a movie. Any changes from the book to the movie were strictly time driven. The Memory Keeper's Daughter focuses on Dr. David Henry, his wife Norah, his son Paul, Caroline Gill, and David and Norah's daughter Phoebe. The book starts in 1964, at a time when any disability of a child was looked at much more harshly than it is today. When David must deliver his own child, Paul is born first and is in perfect health. Next Phoebe is born and immediately David could tell that something wasn't right. Rather than let his wife know that their daughter suffers from Down Syndrome, David tells his wife their little girl died in childbirth. He then sends baby Phoebe off with Caroline Gill to a home for children that suffer from disabilities. Of course, once Caroline gets to the home, she knows that she can't leave Phoebe with those people. From that point on, David and Caroline trade pictures and letters for many years. Only later in life does David realize he should have trusted Norah to be strong enough to deal with the reality of Phoebe's disabilities.

All members of both families suffer for the years of untruths that are woven into their lives.

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