Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Dream-Hunter

The Dream-Hunter is the next in the Dark-Hunter series. The Dream-Hunter focuses on the Dream-Hunters, who are those individuals who enter into human's dreams. Arikos is a Dream-Hunter who has intense feeling for Megeara Kafieri, a human who has been searching for Atlantis. Dream-Hunters only have feelings when they are in dreams with humans. Arikos makes a deal with Hades to be human for two weeks in order to be with Megeara(or Geary as she is goes by). Arikos even offers to help Megeara find Atlantis, as he was "alive" when Atlantis was in existence. Of course, Arkios doesn't let Geary know that he bargained her life to become a human.

Geary must go against the Gods to fight for Arikos. Luckily for her, she makes some friends with Hades' wife and one of her friends is already a servant of Artemis and Apollymi. Geary and Arikos both fight to be together and neither will take no for an answer. Kenyon has a couple more Dream-Hunter books next in the series. Devil May Cry is the next in the Dark-Hunter series, which I'll start tonight or tomorrow.

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