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Confirmed bachelor Max Sterling isn't into rescuing damsels in distress, but when the very tempting Hailey Ellison needs his help, there's only one thing for him to do. Step in and pose as her loving fiancé. Except there is nothing fake about his attraction to her, or how much he wants her beneath him in his bed, moaning his name. But what starts as a sexy, flirty, temporary engagement, quickly becomes something more serious that neither one ever anticipated.

Release Date: April 11, 2017
CP Publishing
Book Boyfriend #2
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

Faking It is the 2nd book in the Book Boyfriend series from Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde. Seriously two of my absolute favorite authors teaming up to give me book heaven once again. I loved everything about Max and Hailey's story.

I absolutely fell in love with Max Sterling as I read more and more of Faking It. He is such a sexy and strong hero. He actually looks at people and sees them for more than what is on the outside. I loved how much he cared for and wanted Hailey pretty much from the moment they met. I also loved how attracted Hailey was to Max from the moment they met. So much so that he was on her mind when they were away from one another. I adored Hailey and Max as a couple. Their attractions was off the charts hot and Max helped Hailey see herself the way he saw her. 

The fake engagement between Max and Hailey was destined to be real pretty much from the moment they agreed to it. Max and Hailey both liked each other as individuals, but needed help for personal reasons and business reasons. Max wanted to get away from stalker Addison, who was a family friend who wouldn't take no for an answer and Hailey is a successful matchmaker with no boyfriend. Max and Hailey worked on every level as a couple for me. Max took things slowly to earn Hailey's trust and Hailey became so much happier and stronger for having Max in her life first as a friend and then a lover.

Faking It was one of those books I wanted to re-read as soon as I finished reading it the first time. In fact, I've already read it twice and loved it just as much on the second reading. Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde give their readers characters to fall in love with and feel like you could be friends with as well. I highly recommend Faking It to all lovers of contemporary romances.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

Nikki’s Review:

Two very talented authors made another book baby! I love when Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde put their phenomenal writing skills together and make perfection happen!

This book was pure fun. It's one of those books that keeps you smiling while getting lost in the romance. And the romance is blistering hot! 

Max and Hailey are incredibly likeable characters. They are both genuinely nice people. Max is all hunky and smouldering bedroom eyes. Hailey is the nice girl next door with a healthy dose of body insecurities. I think a lot of women can relate to Hailey's issues. She's hard on herself regarding her size. She's healthy and beautiful, but all she's able to see is her perceived "flaws". Just like a lot of women, she's her own worst critic. Max thinks she's the cats ass! He wants her something fierce! 

These two are faking an engagement. Emotions aren't suppose to come into play...ha! The heart wants what the heart wants! And so does the body!

I really adored these two together. They have chemistry that just leaps off of the page. The love scenes in this book are both romantic and wickedly spicy! I love me some spice!

I can always count on Ms. Phillips and Ms. Wilde to write a solid story. And like all the other books, I wasn't disappointed with this one. The plot sucked me in and kept my attention until the very end. I laughed, I was angry, and my heart fluttered. All the emotions were in this one. The writing is nothing short of wonderful!

How these two authors keep coming up with storylines that stay fresh and entertaining is a wonder. Each book they write together gets better and better. As always, it was a true pleasure to spend time in the "world" they have created. You should totally read this book!

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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Friday, April 21, 2017


A sheltered princess goes wild—and makes the best mistake of her life—when she falls for a roguish reporter in this fun, sexy romance from the bestselling author of Royal Scandal.

Online muckraker Brooks Walker has a reputation for exposing the political elite. Now he’s set his sights on the Sinclair siblings, who’ve been embroiled in their fair share of drama ever since their exile to North Carolina. But Brooks has never been afraid to get his hands dirty—until he meets a royal wallflower at a charity ball who makes him reconsider everything. Is Brooks feeling guilty because he knows all the sordid details of her family’s history? Or because he’s putting their relationship first, before his journalistic integrity?

As the “spare” twin, Princess Charlotte has always been the responsible one. So when her sister finally agrees to fulfill her duty as queen, Charlotte gives herself permission to break a few rules by flirting with the very off-limits CEO of Walker Media. Brooks is the worst sort of man to start an affair with, but Charlotte just can’t help it. The trouble is, since she’s no good at playing games, soon she’s tiara over heels in love. And when Brooks comes clean, Charlotte must decide whether his confession is worth a royal pardon.

Release Date: April 18, 2017
Royals in Exile #2
Random House Loveswept
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza's Review:

Marquita Valentine became an auto-buy author for me from the very first book I read. I adored the first book in the Royals in Exile series and was so excited to see that we would get Charlotte's story in Royal Affair.

Charlotte became one of my favorite characters very quickly in this series. She is considered the "spare" twin since her sister Imogen is the crown princess. She is somewhat of a wallflower and that only endeared Charlotte to me even more. However, she steps outside her comfort zone thanks to Brooks Walker. Brooks owns Walker Media and is the man behind the world finding out about the Sinclairs being in hiding. I loved that both Brooks and Charlotte couldn't seem to stay away from each other even with both knew Charlotte's family would hate them being together for more than a fling.

Brooks and Charlotte connected on so many levels. They had amazing chemistry, and I loved they shared everything about their pasts with one another. I thing part of the reason I loved Brooks and Charlotte as a couple is because they each accepted the other exactly as they appeared. I loved that Brooks and Charlotte really couldn't stay away from each other. Yes their love scenes were both hot at times and sweet at others, but they really loved spending time together. 

Charlotte knew all along that Brooks wanted dirt on her family, yet couldn't seem to stay away from him. I have to say that Brooks surprised me a bit by not sharing everything he learned about the Sinclairs as soon as he was given information. I think Brooks had been perceived as a bit of a villain for so long, it was nice to see his hero side come out. I really felt like we saw the real Brooks when he was with Charlotte and his family. I actually found myself falling in love with Brooks right along with Charlotte.

I really only had a couple of issues with the book. One was the fact that Charlotte's family acted like she couldn't think for herself. She is a strong and intelligent woman and they treated her like she couldn't handle life. I also had issues with how Imogen acted a few times. Yes I felt like she made up for it in the end, but I really hated how she interfered with Brooks and Charlotte's relationship at one point.

Royal Affair is another winner in the Royals in Exile series. The romance between Brooks and Charlotte is strong and I loved watching them fall for one another. The Royals in Exile series is one of my favorite series from Marquita Valentine. I personally think readers need to read the series in order to understand the dynamics of the family and their history. I'm super excited we will get Theo's book next and can't wait to read his story.

Rating: 5 Stars (A)

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Two undercover FBI agents can hide who they are from everyone but each other in the latest novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Suddenly One Summer

FBI agents Jessica Harlow and John Shepherd have a past. The former lawyer and cocky Army ranger clashed during their training at Quantico, gladly going their separate ways after graduating from the Academy. Six years later, the last thing either of them expects is to run into each other again–assigned to work as partners in a high-profile undercover sting.

For both of them, being paired with a former rival couldn’t come at a worse time. Recently divorced from a Hollywood producer and looking for a fresh start, Jessica is eager to prove herself at her new field office. And John is just one case away from his dream assignment to the FBI’s elite Hostage Rescue Team. In order to nail a corrupt Florida politician, they’ll have to find a way to work as a team–a task that becomes even trickier when they’re forced to hole up at a romantic, beachfront resort as part of the investigation. Suddenly, the heat behind their nonstop sparring threatens to make the job a whole lot more complicated. . . 

Release Date: April 18, 2017
Berkley Romance
Contemporary Romance
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

I have been a fan of Julie James, since I read her very first book and especially love her FBI/US Attorney series. The Thing About Love is a stand-alone story and not in the FBI/US Attorney series, and I loved getting to see so many characters from the series. 

I really loved both Jessica Harlow and John Shepard as individuals and loved we had FBI partners for this book. The animosity that was there from their academy days only made me laugh harder as they were paired together. I especially loved the she said/he said chapters of the book seeing how each of them viewed their interactions. I thought Jessica and John made great FBI partners and though it took me a bit longer to buy them as a couple, their banter was always so much fun, I was able to see them making it as a couple.

It was fun to see how each approached the case they were assigned. I loved watching them initially try to one-up the other before settling down to actually being partners. I liked seeing them grow closer the more time they spent together and also loved they finally discussed the past and talked about how each of them perceived the situation. I think had they not done so, they could never have made it for more than a hook-up. With their initial animosity, even with the pretty intense chemistry, I was slow to accept they could make it work before they started actually listening to one another. I liked the slow build to them becoming a couple, and can't wait to see them interact in future FBI/US Attorney books.

The Thing About Love was a wonderful stand-alone story from Julie James. I've missed her voice with no new book last year and am happy to say she has come back just as strong as ever. I highly suggest The Thing About Love as well as all of the backlist from Julie James.

Rating: 4 Stars (B) 


Steeling himself, John turned around and smiled as Jessica approached. “Yes, Agent Harlow. How can I be of service?”
In response to his dry tone, she threw him a glare so cold it could’ve frozen all nine circles of Dante’s Hell. Fittingly, just nine of the many places he would rather be than stuck working with her on this investigation.
 “Look, I’m not thrilled about this, either.” Keeping her voice low, she came to a stop next to him at the elevator bank. “I thought you were supposed to be on the Hostage Rescue Team already.”
“And I thought you were supposed to be in L.A.”
There was a quick flash in her eyes before she shrugged off his question. “Change of plans.”
The elevator arrived at their floor, and they both stepped inside. She hit the button for the seventh floor, where the public corruption squad was located. Standing on the opposite side, he pressed the button for floor five.
They faced off as the doors shut. She folded her arms across her chest and studied him with those crystalline blue eyes that could so cleverly mask her emotions.
As he knew well.
“We’re going to have to figure this out,” she said. “We’re supposed to be business partners in this.”
Thank you, yes, being a professional, he was aware of that. He took a step closer. “It’s called “undercover” work, Harlow. If I can pretend to be a gun-buying, murder-for-hire thug, I think I can handle playing some rich investor-type who wants to skirt a few measly zoning laws.” Even a rich investor-type who was apparently masochistic enough to get in bed with the likes of her.
“Measly zoning laws?” she repeated.
Ooh, now he’d gone and pissed her off. How nice it was, really, that they could pick up like this, right where they’d left off.
She drew in closer, tilting her head back to meet his gaze. He was over a foot taller than her, although he noticed that she was heightening a bit with those expensive-looking three-inch heels she wore.
“Our target in this investigation is the mayor of the thirteenth largest city in the United States. That’s a pretty big deal in my book.” She gestured to his facial scruff and hair. “And while I appreciate that this . . . Sons of Anarchy motif you’ve got going might ingratiate yourself with the gun-buying, murder-for-hire, organized-crime thugs of the world, that’s not quite going to fly with this sting operation.”
 “’Thirteenth largest city in the United States?’” he scoffed. “Just how many hours did you spend reviewing the case files last night?”
She smiled sweetly as the elevator arrived at her floor. “Enough to get the jump on you.”
Then the doors sprang open, and she gave him a friendly wave, once again stepping into the role of Ms. Congeniality. “So glad we got to catch up like this, Agent Shepherd. We’ll talk again soon.”
He watched her stride confidently down the hallway as the elevator doors closed between them.
Enough to get the jump on you.
Not for long, sweetheart.
Time for him to get cracking on that case file.

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