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The Dogfather has one more child to marry off…but Darcy Kilcannon has no interest in her father’s matchmaking shenanigans. The youngest Kilcannon is seeking one thing only, and it’s not a husband. Darcy is ready to launch her own business in town, move into her own apartment, and become her own woman. But when she walks into the gorgeous brownstone that her father just “happened” to help her find, Darcy takes one look at the hot landlord and she knows the Dogfather has been up to his old tricks. Sure he’s a hunk and a half, but his “no pets” policy is a huge turnoff to a dog groomer who won’t dream of living without her beloved Kookie.

Joshua Ranier moved to Bitter Bark to get out of the shadow of his overbearing stepfamily and keep his shattered heart securely on ice. His only focus is his construction business, and the brownstone he’s renting and renovating…until he meets the sexy, sassy blonde tenant sneaking a fuzzy white dog even though he’s banned them because of construction dangers. Then Josh starts thinking about things he shouldn’t. And it isn’t when the rent’s due.

But when a blind dog lands on Josh’s doorstep, he needs Darcy’s help. As they race to restore little Stella’s vision and solve a mystery that’s tearing his family apart, Josh and Darcy begin to see the light, too. It will take one double dog dare, two precious puppers, and the full power of the Kilcannon clan for this couple to find their happy ever after.

Release Date: August 9, 2018
South Street Publishing
The Dogfather #7
Contemporary romance
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Liza's Review:

I honestly believe The Dogfather series just gets better and better with each book. Just when I think the last book is my favorite, Roxanne St. Claire puts out another book in the series. Double Dog Dare is such an amazing story and I absolutely couldn't put it down once I started reading it. Daniel "The Dogfather" Kilcannon is 5 for 6 in finding matches for his children with only the youngest Darcy still single.

Darcy Kilcannon has always been a bit more of a free spirit than her siblings. Part of that is probably because she is the baby of the family, but I really just felt it was just part of what made her Darcy. She is finally ready to move out on her own and start her own business. Darcy has such a take-charge personality, I just knew whatever she set her mind to accomplish, would happen. I don't know what it was about Darcy, but I just loved every single moment I spent with her on the page in Double Dog Dare.

Joshua Ranier has moved to Bitter Bark following bad breakup with his girlfriend after catching her with his stepbrother. Josh is a more of a by the book type of guy than free spirited Darcy and I knew from the moment they met, they were absolutely perfect for each other. Of course the fact that Darcy wants her dog Kookie to live with her in a "no pets" home could have been a huge issue. Luckily, Josh's ex shows up needing him to watch her dog Stella while she leaves town for a bit with Gideon, Josh's stepbrother. The fact that Stella is now blind and afraid of everything and everyone means Josh needs not only Darcy's help but her family's help as well. 

I loved everything about the pacing of Josh and Darcy's relationship. They were "friends with dogs" who became so much more. The fact they were thrown together to get help for Stella only made me love them even more. I just connected to them as a couple so quickly. They had great chemistry and worked tirelessly to get the help Stella needed to possibly regain her sight. I loved the simmering chemistry between them. As Josh just got out of a serious relationship, I wouldn't have bought them jumping right into bed together. I liked they honestly were friends first before taking that big step to make their relationship more. 

I love how the Kilcannons accepted Josh pretty much from the moment they met him. As he didn't have the greatest family life thanks to his stepsiblings, it was so nice to see him accepted from the beginning. I also loved that Darcy never gave up on Josh trying to make a connection with his stepfather and have a real family himself. My heart broke for Josh that he never really felt apart of his family after his dad died and him mom remarried. Josh never got along with his stepfather Malcolm Bucking, even know how much he loved his mom. I have to say I was happy that thanks to Darcy, Josh didn't close the door on his family, even with all that happened with them. 

I absolutely loved Double Dog Dare so much! Roxanne St. Claire has been an auto-buy author for me from the moment I read my first book by her, and I've never missed a book since. Double Dog Dare is such a beautiful story filled with love, family and precious dogs. I highly recommend not only this book but the entire series to all contemporary romance fans. 

Rating: 5 Stars (A+)

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