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He’s the Spare Heir of Bliss’s most famous jewelry shop

Max Gregory’s family is best known for creating and displaying the infamous Mrs. Claus diamond ring, but here in the bridal capital of the world, Max is best known for having a cursed love life. Not that he believes in curses. Or he didn’t, until he met her.

She’s the daughter of a notorious jewel thief

Merry Silver's parents have wreaked havoc on her life. After her last romantic disaster—thanks, Daddy—she’s fleeing the country for a chance at normal. But first, she has to avoid her favorite ex-boyfriend while she gets her mom married off. Again.

And their Christmas miracle might be a second chance at love
. Max was horrified when he discovered why Merry disappeared last year. Now she's back in Bliss for a wedding, and her father may be after his family’s most prized possession. But is it the diamond Max is worried about? Or is he afraid of losing the only woman who’s ever made him want to settle down? 

Release Date: October 4, 2016
Misfit Brides #5
Contemporary Romance 
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Liza’s Review:

Merried is every bit as laugh out loud funny as the first 4 books in the Misfit Brides series. It also pulled so many emotions from me as I watched Merry struggle with her choices to either be near Max or stay away, and to try and to protect everyone as she has her entire life. I will say I absolutely adored Merry and Max as a couple. They had wonderful chemistry and really just seemed to get each other in a way no one else got either one of them. 

While I loved Max, I have to say Merry was my favorite character from Merried. I loved how she wanted to take care of everyone from her mother, to Max, to her dad, to the entire town of Bliss. I also absolutely fell in love with her as "Phoebe Moon" and loved when they had conversations in her mind. I mean really, who doesn’t have their very own 13-year old running dialogue in their head? I've already begged Jamie Farrell to right the Phoebe Moon stories so I can read them, as the little snippets hooked me from the very beginning. 

Merried is another winner in the Misfit Brides series from Jamie Farrell. I love that with each new book in the series I'm guaranteed laughter, a few tears, and a new couple to fall in love with each time. I highly recommend the Misfit Brides series to any contemporary romance fan.

Rating: 4 Stars (B+)

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