Wednesday, June 15, 2016


After growing up dirt poor in a seedy Chicago neighborhood, Matt Tremont seemingly has it all now—brains, brawn, and billions. And most importantly, Noah, his five-year-old son, the one good outcome of a disastrous relationship that destroyed his last ounce of trust. The only thing he’s lacking is the perfect nanny for his son. And Ariana Jones is absolute perfection. Utterly enchanting. Completely fascinating. And totally off limits. 

Like a match made in heaven, this is Ari's dream job. Swallowed up in the foster care system after losing her brother and mother, Ari has always dreamed of family. She showers five-year-old Noah with all the love she’s kept bottled up inside. Love she could also offer to her gorgeous billionaire boss—if only he weren’t the very last man she could ever hope to have. 

But when sizzling sparks of attraction turn into a forbidden, sinfully hot night of pleasure, will Ari’s love be enough to make Matt forget the past and love fearlessly?

Release Date: June 15, 2016
Maverick Oak Press, LLC
The Maverick Billionaires #3
Contemporary Romance
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Liza’s Review:

I absolutely adore The Maverick Billionaires series from Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully. I seem to fall more in love with the characters the more time I spend with them. While I love the romance that occurs in each book, the time with the Mavericks always gives me all the feels.

I knew from the moment Ariana (Ari) came to work for Matt they wouldn't be able to keep their hands off each other for long. Their attraction to one another was just so strong. Add in that Ari loves Matt's son Noah every bit as much as Matt, and I knew Matt was a goner. While I hated that both Matt and Ari had both had horrible childhoods, his due to verbally abusive parents, and Ari due to ending up in the foster system, it did give them both a bit of a common background to build upon. I loved that Ari loved Noah every bit as much as if he were her own child and saw all his potential, even as a 5 year old.

Matt and Ari had the most amazing chemistry. I absolutely fell in love with them as a couple. I loved they had trouble keeping their hands off each other when Noah was around. I did worry that Matt would freak out about them being together, and sadly initially my fears were realized. However, I knew in my heart that Matt wouldn't last long keeping his hands off Ari. I loved that she got him so well that she was willing to be there for him any way he needed, be it friend, nanny for Noah or girlfriend. I also loved that all the other Mavericks totally were ready to kick Matt's ass if he ever really hurt Ari. She fit into their family like she was always meant to be there.

Fearless in Love was a wonderful addition to The Maverick Billionaires series from Bella Andre and Jennifer Skully. I fall more in love with this series with each new book. I love we are given strong romances and family time in each book. I love that we get to spend time with the entire Mavericks family in each book, and am already counting down until the release of the next book in the series.

4.5 Stars (A-)

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