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Hart’s Desire
By Chloe Flowers

HART’S DESIRE by Chloe Flowers is a rollicking adventure through the Carolina Lowlands that snatches your breath and steals your heart. If you like stories about spunky heroines and the scoundrels who love them, this is the historical romance read for you. When Keelan Grey tries to escape her fate of marrying a foul man, she runs smack into Captain Landon Hart, commander of the Desire, and the fire that erupts between them could burn the sails and sink the ship.

Title: Hart’s Desire
Series: Pirates and Petticoats #1
Author: Chloe Flowers
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: May 17th, 2016
Publisher: Flowers & Fullerton
Print Length: 330 pages
Format: Digital and Paperback
Digital ISBN: 978-1-63303-998-8
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-63303-997-1

An independent young lady meets a bold merchant captain pursued by a band of Caribbean pirates...what could possibly go wrong?

Keelan Grey had a solid plan that would save her from an arranged marriage to a cruel plantation owner until a deathbed confession from a loved one plunges her into a dark plot of deception and revenge.

After a daring escape, Captain Landon Hart sails the Desire to Charleston for repairs and to keep a mysterious appointment with a plantation owner. He meets a sword-wielding, fiery-haired tempest on the way, and he isn't prepared for the impact she has on his tightly guarded heart...nor the trouble she manages to attract.

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“Damn!” She tucked her chin to her chest and groped for more tangled curls. This was a fine mess. If Aunt Sarah caught sight of her now, she'd drop in a dead faint.
“That’s an understandable expletive for a young girl posing as a boy, however, as a young girl masquerading as foliage, it’s a bit disconcerting.”
Keelan ceased her struggle, mortified. A shadow fell over the ground at her feet, followed by black riding boots, lightly dusted from the road. She raised her gaze over fine black breeches and tapered waist. Raising her gaze higher, it stuttered at a white linen shirt untied at the neck, before she took in the broad shoulders, a strong jaw, a small scar on the chin and a straight, but haughty aquiline nose. Captain Hart stood in front of her, his crystalline blue eyes glittering with amusement. This was going to be trouble.
 “You can come out now. I’m afraid you’ve been discovered.”
With his black hair wild about his shoulders, Keelan could easily picture Landon Hart with a brace of pistols and a scabbard, standing at the helm of a dark pirate ship. When his white teeth flashed in a brilliant smile, she stopped breathing altogether.
The first impression which streaked through her mind was that he was beautiful. His azure eyes took on a mischievous glint, making her wonder if he’d just read her mind.
“I would gladly come out, but my hair is caught,” she muttered, unnerved again by her body’s response to the man. “And I am not a mere girl. I’ll have you know, Captain, I’m nineteen.” She clenched her teeth and fought harder to yank her hair from the branches. Drat. She had the most abominable luck.
Captain Hart stepped closer. “Perhaps I can be of some assistance and free you from your bushy captor.” He gave her a lazy grin followed by a long appraisal from head to toe.
His nearness had an adverse effect on her lungs and she found it difficult to draw a breath. She sensed a rakish quality in the captain. As if he knew she was flustered by his proximity, he stepped even closer. She wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he was terribly conceited and prone to more than a little deceit, as well.
“No.” She pulled again and a sharper pain shot across the back of her head. “I can do it, really, Captain Hart.” Why didn't he just leave her alone?
“Nonsense.” He gently grasped her wrists to pull them away from her hair.
He was too close.
The scent of him mingled with leather and fresh spring air, which combined for a heady mix of danger and calm.

About Chloe Flowers:
After many years in the corporate environment managing marketing promotions for major consumer products companies, and teaching strategic marketing to MBA students, Chloe broke free from the cubicle to write full-time.

She’s always been a Parrothead, loves to write while listening to Celtic music, and when life gets too serious, she reads Calvin and Hobbes comics. Her love of pirate tales started with Peter Pan and continues with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Sailing on the Caribbean ocean with the wind at her back and the sun in her face is Chloe's idea of paradise. Readers who like action and adventure mixed with historical romance, pirates, sailing ships, sea adventures, independent heroines and dark, brave heroes, will enjoy the Pirates & Petticoats series about spunky heroines and the scoundrels who love them.

Look for the release of the Bridal Veil Falls series in late fall 2016. The self-proclaimed "Town of Happily Ever Afters" will have readers falling in love with this small town, contemporary romance series sprinkled with humor and topped with love.

Chloe lives in Ohio with her tall, dark and handsome husband, three children and two rambunctious dogs, Indiana and Luke, who are named after her two favorite action heroes.

In her youth, she loved reading Kathleen Woodiwiss novels. Today, she loves reading books by Julia Quinn, Debbie Macomber, Bella Andre, Barbara Freethy, John Sanford, James Pattenson, George Lucas, Linda Howard, Miranda Liasson and Sheridan Jeane.

Variety is bliss, is it not?

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