Thursday, March 03, 2016


Some men are too good to resist.
But are they too good to be true?

In The Billionaire Cowboy, Ryder is a rough-riding cattle baron. When a gorgeous, feisty veterinarian arrives at the ranch, he meets the one spirit he can’t tame. And now he will do anything to show her what he’s really made of…

Dallas Cowboy Jase is a pro at charming women, including the hot waitress he meets in The Billion Dollar Player. But when their passionate encounter inspires Jase to do better on the field, he can’t help but wonder: Are his days as a player numbered?

Rock star Luke has enough money and groupies to last forever. But when his wild life wears him down, he goes home in search of the one woman who’s ever meant anything to him. But will she see past his fame and love him for who he really is in Rocked by the Billionaire?

In The Billionaire Sheriff, Noah pulls shifts in the police department. He doesn’t need the money, but he wants to make a contribution. So when beautiful bar owner Naomi lands in trouble, Noah is eager to help her out...and offer protection in his strong, loving arms…

Paperback Release Date March 1, 2016
St. Martin's Press
Billionaire's Club Series #4
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

I absolutely adored each of the stories in Tall, Dark, Billionaire Texan. The first 3 stories are about the Blackwell brothers Ryder, Jase, and Luke.The 4th story, which is a bonus story, is about Noah Christensen, who's brothers are featured in Mandy Baxter's Texas Heartthrob series that was released last year.

I really loved Ryder and Lara's romance in The Billionaire Cowboy. I loved most of all that Lara had repeatedly rebuffed Ryder's advances in the past, as she was more concerned about her reputation than taking a chance on him. Even before their first kiss, they had great chemistry. I loved that Ryder had to work to get Lara see the real him and while their relationship really moved fast, I totally bought it as they had known each other for some time.

Up next was Jase and Avery's story in The Billion Dollar Player. There was totally instant attraction between them, but Avery was very hesitant to actually spend time with Jase. After all she is a waitress and he is an NFL player for the Dallas Cowboy. However, their chemistry and Jase's persistence didn't keep them apart for long. Fabulous chemistry and the fact I could tell each had real feelings for the other made is super easy for me to buy this romance lasting long-term.

Rocked by the Billionaire was my absolute favorite story in this book. I love a reunion story and Ms. Baxter did an amazing job with Luke an Kaleigh's story. OMG it was the hottest story of the four and I wanted it to last forever. I absolutely loved that even after being apart for 8 years, Luke and Kaleigh still totally loved one another, yet had to work out the logistics of their 2 very different jobs and lifestyles. I won't lie, I kinda cried just a bit at how Luke proved he would do anything to make his life fit in with Kaleigh's. Totally swoon worthy. Add in the smoking hot chemistry between them, and they were my favorite couple.

Noah and Naomi's story in The Billionaire Sheriff was really the sweetest of the 4 stories. Noah and Naomi had both been attracted to one another from the moment Naomi came to town, but because of Naomi's past, she tried to keep herself at arm's length from everyone. Of course her past shows up and Noah has to help her out. I totally felt the attraction between Noah and Naomi, but didn't connect with them as a couple as much as I did with the other 3 couples. I did like the bit of mystery in The Billionaire Sheriff, but just didn't enjoy the romance part of the story as much as other stories from Ms. Baxter.

Overall I really enjoyed Tall, Dark, Billionaire Texan and loved getting to read each of the Blackwell brothers' stories and getting to read Noah Christensen's story. I look forward to reading more stories from Ms. Baxter in the future.

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