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Madlyn Robicheaux earned her reputation as the Red Queen. She crushes her opponents with a calculated ruthlessness that never loses. Jared Marshall is a distraction she doesn’t want or need. Even worse, he’s a threat. If she’s not careful, he could blow the lid off everything she’s spent ten years protecting, but crushing Jared is proving as impossible as resisting him. 

Jared Marshall hates being a lawyer, he’d rather play with his band at Trick’s or make cheesecake at his bakery. His one shot at avoiding the family firm rests on convincing the Red Queen to join Marshall and Marshall. But when his legendary charm fails, he falls straight through the looking glass where nothing is as it seems. And the chemistry that blows up between them exposes a shocking vulnerability that questions everything he’s ever believed about her. 


The Fall of the Red Queen is Book 3 in the Southern Style Series. While it can stand alone, it’s highly recommended that you read Sweetened with a Kiss first. Not a serial. Each book in the Southern Style Series features a different couple with standalone HEA. It's category style contemporary romance told in third person from the point of view of both hero and heroine. It has been professionally edited, copy-edited and proofed. Intended for mature audiences only

Release Date: January 20,2016
Southern Style Series #3
Review copy provided by author for honest review

Liza’s Review:

I really didn't want to like Madlyn Robicheaux when I met her in Sweetened with a Kiss. Even though I knew there had to be more to her story than what we were seeing, I didn't want to like her. However, the Red Queen won me over as I read her story and learned the truth.

Madlyn is a very complicated character. She comes across as a total bitch, yet there is so much depth to her character. Even 10 years after his death, she is still mourning the death of her son's father. That so didn't fit into her roll as the Red Queen. I don't know that Madlyn's layers would have been reveled to all who knew her if Jared Marshall hasn't stormed into her life. I loved Maddie and Jared together. They had smoking hot chemistry and I adored them as a couple, even as Maddie fought her attraction to Jared. 

Maddie's grandfather totally did a number on her. Seriously her grandfather was totally diabolical and I really wanted to punch him in the face once I knew everything he had done to Maddie and others in her life. Honestly it made the Red Queen more human to me to find out the steps she had taken to protect those people in her life without them knowing. The fact that she put her own happiness on the back burner for years made me see her in a whole new light.

The Fall of the Red Queen really will be a much better story if you read Sweetened with a Kiss first. I think to really see the true Madlyn Robicheaux, you have to see both sides of her character in both books. While Lexxi Callahan is a new-to-me author, I really liked her voice and look forward to reading more books from her in the future.

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