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Finally, Lucas Lawson is a free man. After serving five years in prison for embezzlement, he’s come home to Jessamine to right the wrongs he committed against his friends and family. But, it won’t be easy. For starters, the brother he’s looked up to his entire life wants nothing to do with him, and no one in town trusts Lucas enough to give him a chance to make amends. Until, Bailey Yates gives him a job at her family’s diner.

Single mom, Bailey Yates, has had enough of bad boys to last her the next eighteen years. She’s always been a sucker for them, and Jessamine’s ultimate bad boy, Lucas Lawson, is no exception. So, when he returns to town, naturally she’s drawn to him. And naturally, she must avoid him at all costs—no matter how sexy he is. She’ll give him a job, and keep her distance…until Lucas saves her son from a hit and run.

Bailey gives Lucas a hope for the future he hasn’t allowed himself to feel in years while Lucas melts Bailey’s heart every time he spends time with her son. Could he be the one to put her life back together? But when Lucas is accused of stealing from a local charity, Bailey must decide to support him or realize that some men are too good to be true.

Release Date: January 29, 2015
Lawson Brothers #2
Valentine Publishing, LLC
Personally purchased both kindle and audiobook copies

Liza’s Review:

I'm a huge fan of Marquita Valentine and have completely fallen in love with her Lawson Brothers series. I will say I wasn't really sure what to think when I found out the next book would be Lucas Lawson's book. As he had just come home from prison for embezzlement, I was worried if I would be able to connect with him as quickly as I had with Brody.  My fears were totally without merit.

I absolutely loved Lucas Lawson the more I read his story. He had totally screwed up his life and served his time and was ready to come home and make amends. I loved that his parents welcomed him with open arms and totally understood his brothers and the locals being super hesitant to trust him again. I think part of what I loved best about him was he was willing to take any job possible to move forward with his life.

Bailey Yates is such a strong character. Not only is she one of the few people willing to give Lucas a chance when he comes back, but she is a single mom running her family dinner and fighting her parents for control, but she pretty much does it all alone. Honestly, I loved every single thing about Bailey. She is an amazing mom and even with everything life has thrown at her, still trust people until they prove her wrong.

Bailey and Lucas had such great chemistry. They also make such a sweet family with her son Leo. I loved that Lucas risked his own life to keep Leo safe and that Leo calls him Superman. Total sigh worthy moments when Lucas and Leo are playing together. I mean really is there anything better than a big tough man playing with a little boy? I adored the family they made together and loved watching the town realize Lucas had changed. I loved that Bailey has total faith in Lucas and is willing to battle the town on his behalf as well.

Love So True was a wonderful fast-paced romance. It was full of emotions and had me feeling so many different emotions. I highly recommend the Lawson Brothers series to all contemporary romance readers.

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