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Daniel Garrett is no stranger to heartache or tragedy. Once a successful detective, his world fell apart with his son's murder and his wife's suicide. Leaving the police force, Daniel devotes his life to finding missing children, but when a case goes sour on the anniversary of his personal tragedy, he returns to Eternity Springs hoping for some of the town's fabled healing.

Shannon O'Toole isn't looking for romance. After her fiancé's death, she closed off her heart. But she can't deny the spark between her and a sexy stranger at a friend's wedding. Shannon has her own secrets and has no place in her life for a private detective, even one who moves her as much as Daniel. But when the pair are thrown together on a case, the magic of Eternity Springs just might give them a second chance.

Release Date: November 3, 2015
St. Martin's Press
Eternity Springs #10
Review copy provided by publisher

Liza’s Review:

I didn't realize Heartsong Cottage was the 10th book in the series when I agreed to review it. I have to say while I normally don't read books in a series out of order, I was able to follow along with the history pretty well and found Heartsong Cottage read well as a stand-alone story.

I'll be honest right from the start and say I completely struggled reading Heartsong Cottage. The writing was extremely well done, but it seemed to me that anything and everything that could be done to a character was done to either Daniel or Shannon. Daniel's 4 year-old son was kidnapped and murdered and then his wife committed suicide from grief. Granted it was 10 years ago, but Daniel still keeps himself at a distance from other people every since. Shannon is in hiding from a stalker who keeps finding her and no one has ever believed her in the past about what happened to her. 

I did really like Daniel and Shannon as a couple and wanted them to find a way to stay together. I really liked both characters and was even able to forgive Daniel for being a total tool a couple of times during the book. The fact that Shannon kept her past from Daniel and everyone in Eternity Springs for so long bothered me, but as everyone else was able to let it go I did as well. I loved that Daniel found his son’s dog Soupy, 10 years after she went missing. Such a sweet part to the story that made me cry happy tears. Sadly, the sweet part was followed later by me almost throwing my kindle across the room when the dog was injured.

I did finish reading Heartsong Cottage, but have to say it wasn't my favorite read. It took me over 45% into the book before I really connected with the characters and even then, I kept putting the book down for all the characters were put through. While I didn't really connect with Heartsong Cottage as well as I wanted to, I do thing other readers could enjoy the story. 

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