Saturday, July 18, 2015

Candace Blackburn RUDC15 Author Spotlight

I'm super excited to feature Candace Blackburn on my blog today as one of the feature authors at the Reading Until Dawn Convention happening in October 2015. RUDC will take place in Denver, CO from October 8 -11. I've loved Candace's books since I read her debut book Tristan's Redemption in 2013. Registration for RUDC is still open and promises to be a super fun time hanging out with authors and readers.

Author Bio:  Candace is a lifelong resident of central North Carolina.  She fell under the spell of Stephen King and Anne Rice in her teens and has been reading about things that go bump in the night ever since.  She published her novel, Tristan’s Redemption, in 2013 and carried on with Ehron’s adventures with Nate’s Forgiveness, in 2014.  Summer of 2015, book one of her Return of the Lycan King Trilogy, Return of the Lycan King, Nicholas and Kristen will release.  She lives with her high school sweetheart (who has since converted to the role of husband) and their two children, along with three over-indulged felines and a Miniature Pinscher who has everyone wrapped around his paw.

Links to Books:

David has everything going for him—a successful career and marriage to the love of his life—until one act of carelessness leads to his death. Luckily for him, an angel gives him the opportunity for a second chance. The only catch is that Abby, his grieving widow, has to fall in love with him in his new body, before she gives birth to their son.

Abby's husband cheated on her, and died, all on the day she found out she was pregnant. Still in pain over his betrayal, Abby meets Tristan in a survivor's group and finds herself inexplicably attracted to this stranger. Despite questions over the similarities between Tristan and David, she can’t help falling in love. What Abby doesn't know is that she is the key, the only way Tristan will ever get over his own hurt and find his redemption.

Tragedy tore Nate and Sara apart. Now halfway across the country from each other and divorced, Sara misses Nate, and he feels empty without her. Can Sara’s fondest wish bring them back together, and will they overcome their differences so that Nate can earn forgiveness?

Soon-to-be released cover for Return of the Lycan King: Nicholas and Kristen

A Lycan’s first priority is finding their mate.  After searching for a millennia, Nicholas Konstantine has found his.  But she’s still human, and winning her over may prove as challenging to the brilliant scientist as the thousand-year wait. 

Kristen is a recovering addict.  She answers an ad to donate blood to Konstantine Enterprises.  When she meets Nicholas, and looks into his eyes, she realizes her life is about to change in a major way. 

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