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Some might think the phrase, “you complete me” is a just cheesy line from the movies, but Lizbeth Sanders knows better…

In MATTER OF TIME, Lizbeth has spent the past fifteen years desperately searching for someone to fill the void left by Logan Steele’s disappearance from her life. However, rather than finding love and happiness, all she’s found is disappointment, heartache, and an ever-present longing for the man she can never have. 

Fifteen years ago, Logan Steele left the woman he loved to marry his high school sweetheart and be a father to the child he didn’t know he had. He’s always tried to do the honorable thing, to be a good husband and a great father, but despite his sacrifices and best efforts, the shaky foundation of his marriage crumbles and falls apart.

When his identical twin surprises him with a reintroduction to Lizbeth, Logan feels like he’s been given a second chance—at life and love. But a lot can change in fifteen years, and after hurting her so badly the first time, building trust isn’t just hard, it’s nearly impossible—especially when duty and obligation pulls him away again.

Release Date April 21, 2015
Heat Wave #5

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of Matter of Time from the author. I've always loved Alannah Lynne's books and have to say Matter of Time is another winner.

I love a reunion story and felt like Matter of Time was very well done. Lizbeth and Logan have never really stopped loving one another, even though they haven't seen one another in 15 years. Lizbeth has run through men like used tissues trying to find someone to equal to Logan. Logan married his ex-girlfriend once he discovered she had given birth to his child without his knowledge and tried to make the marriage work.

However, Logan has now ended his marriage to Bobbi Jo and is ready to move on with his life, which he hopes includes Lizbeth. I loved that Logan's twin Lucas helped in getting Logan and Lizbeth back in the same location. The chemistry between Logan and Lizbeth was smoking hot. In fact I really do think this is the hottest book Alannah Lynne has written to date. Lizbeth and Logan had played around in college with BDSM, and they easily stepped back into that relationship the first time they were together again.

I knew it would be tough for Logan and Lizbeth to make everything work since they lived in two different cities, but loved they were willing to make it happen. Logan's ex-wife was honestly my only issue with the story. I felt that she still depended on Logan for way too much and kept inserting herself in his life. I knew since they had 3 kids together, there was little chance she wouldn't always be in his life, but really hated the extreme measures she took to try and keep Logan in her life.

I did love that Logan's kids welcomed Lizbeth pretty quickly into their lives, and understood their reasons. I felt like Lizbeth and Logan worked really hard to get past the hurts from their past to make their present and future work for them. Honestly with the exception of Bobbi Jo, I really enjoyed everything else about Matter of Time

I felt like Matter of Time was a wonderful addition to the Heat Wave series. Lizbeth and Logan got their second chance at love and worked together to make it happen, which makes it a great reunion story in my opinion.

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