Monday, April 27, 2015

Game For Love: Out of Bounds

When the stakes are this high, sometimes you have to throw out the rulebook... 

When San Francisco Outlaws tight end Malcolm Hughes comes home for his twin brother's funeral, he doesn't expect to pick up a runaway bride on the side of the road. 

Sabrina Miller thought she was gaining a husband, but the ceremony went south when she discovered her fiancé was already married. Now, with a storm bearing down and nowhere to go, she reluctantly accepts a ride from a brooding stranger. 

Forced to wait out the storm, Mal and Sabrina are drawn together by forces neither of them can explain. When Mal offers to let Sabrina spend what would have been her honeymoon in his beach house, he isn't thinking of seduction. 

But the chemistry between them is combustible--and impossible to deny. It's only for a few days and they're positive they can handle it. So when reality returns and they have to walk away, why does it feel wrong to let each other go? 

In the game of love, some of the best plays are out of bounds... 

Note: This story is part of Bella Andre's Game For Love series, but it can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone story.

Release Date March 12, 2015
Kindle Worlds: Bella Andre's Game For Love series

I actually haven't read Bella Andre's Game For Love books, but have them on my kindle. I love with the Kindle Worlds books, I can get a taste of a new series by being introduced to the various secondary characters from the series. I'm a huge fan of Lynn Raye Harris and was super excited to read her story in the Game For Love Kindle World. I bought a copy for my kindle as soon as I knew it was released.

I absolutely loved both Mal and Sabrina in Out of Bounds. While they both just had a pretty big life altering event happen to them both, Mal with the death of his twin brother and Sabrina with the end of her relationship. 

Mal and Sabrina had chemistry from the moment they met. I really didn't feel like either was looking to find someone special at this time, but loved watching their relationship grow. While it started out as purely physical, I could tell there were real feelings involved on both sides, even if Mal was slow to admit how he really felt.

I'm a huge football fan and love that Sabrina knew absolutely nothing about the sport nor who Mal was in the football world. Made me want them to work as a couple even more than before. I did get angry at Mal a bit when he hid his feelings for Sabrina, but have to say he makes up in a huge way.

Out of Bounds was a fun and fast-paced sexy read from Lynn Raye Harris. I loved getting a sexy book to tide me over until her next HOT book is released.

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Gretchen Stull said...

Great review, Liza! I also loved that Sabrina knew nothing about football. Had to be a refreshing change for Mal, after dealing with groupies :)