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Welcome to a place where love is in the air, fate is in the stars, and home is just a heartbeat away…

Sheriff Andie Shepard may be new to Sanctuary Island, but, like everyone else who comes here, she’s already fallen under its healing spell. Andie is determined to leave her mistakes behind her and make this scenic haven her home. But she just might have to change her plans—as well as open her heart—when an unexpected visitor shows up on her doorstep…

Caitlin is the ten-year-old niece Andie never knew she had. Silent, wary, and shy as can be, Caitlin only responds to the horses that run wild across the island. Andie has no idea how to deal with Caitlin—until Sam Brennan enters the picture. A tall, handsome loner who rehabilitates abused horses, Sam is able to help Caitlin break out of her shell. But that’s not all: He finds a way to touch something deep in Andie’s heart, opening her up to the healing power of love. Together, these three lost souls must face the darkness in their past to build a brighter future. Because here, on Sanctuary Island, anything is possible…

Release date March 3, 2015
Sanctuary Island #3
St. Martin's Press

I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I'm a huge fan of Lily Everett and was so excited to read the next book in her Sanctuary Island series. I loved this book so much! I feel I should warn you in advance there will be much gushing in this review.

Andie and Sam are my new favorite characters in this series. They are both such strong characters and I love how they will both do anything to protect those they love. I also fell in love with Andie's niece Caitlin. She tries to come across so tough, but is really just a little girl who is looking for someone to love her completely. The fact that she attaches herself to a horse before a person almost broke my heart, but I loved watching her come out of her shell the more time she was with Andie and Sam. 

I felt the attraction between Andie and Sam from the first moment they met. I loved they both tried to stay away from one another, yet seemed to be linked together first with helping to work with the horses and then with Caitlin. Their chemistry was so strong and I loved watching them grow closer as the story progressed. I didn't love that Sam continued to keep a pretty big secret from Andie after they grew so close, but did understand his reasoning. Of course the secret Sam is keeping from Andie has the potential to pull them apart forever. I honestly didn't know how Andie would react to Sam's secret and have to say she proved herself to be one of the strongest characters ever with her reaction.

I loved we were able to spend so much time with the horses of Sanctuary Island in this story. They are such a part of the island, and add to the character of the island. I loved that Queenie, the horse Sam had brought to the island and Lucky the wild colt rescued from the island became inseparable. It was such a sweet story to watch the 2 horses connect and need to be together.

I also loved getting to visit with other favorite characters from Sanctuary Island in Heartbreak Cove. Teenagers Matt and Taylor have been favorite characters of mine since we met them. Both Matt and Taylor have matured so much since this series started and I loved she finally admitted her feelings for Matt. Their romance has slowly built over the first 3 books and I can't wait to see what happens with them in the future.

I love the little family Andie, Sam and Caitlin have formed. I love that Andie didn't hesitate to take in her niece when her brother Owen called her. I especially loved she is so protective of Caitlin and loves her so much she won't give her any false information about Owen. I'm so excited we will get 2 books in the Sanctuary Island series this year. I'm already counting down until the release of Home For Christmas this fall.

Heartbreak Cove is my favorite book so far in the Sanctuary Island series. While I think the story could be read as a stand only for anyone wanting to give Lily Everett's books a try for the first time, I also think you understand the dynamics of the series best if you start with the first book in the series. 

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