Thursday, September 04, 2014

One Night More (U.S. Marshals #1)

Savvy, hard-riding, rule-breaking—they’ll go anywhere and do anything it takes to protect and serve. But this U. S. Marshal has just met his match—and playing for keeps is one sizzling game…

Getting saved from disaster by a handsome stranger—Harper Allen has no problem with that. But when he leaves without a word or a clue to his real identity, the newbie reporter writes it off as the best one-night-stand she’ll ever have. Until a year later, when Harper comes face to face with the man assigned to hide her from a senator’s killer…

Galen Kelly hasn’t forgotten a single sensual minute of his night with Harper . . . or that she betrayed him. With the FBI also on their trail, he’s got to pretend he’s never met her or risk both their lives. But as danger closes in, Galen may not be able to protect himself from taking the biggest risk of all…
Release Date 9/2/14
Zebra Books

One More Night is the first book I've read by Mandy Baxter. I had a couple of friends talking about this book while at AAD, and had to read it for myself. I was lucky enough to be approved for a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley.

I'll start off by saying I absolutely love Mandy Baxter's voice. She writes amazing characters and I loved both Galen and Harper from the first time they met. Their chemistry was smoking hot and I so wanted more than the one-night-stand it looked like we were getting in the beginning.

I also loved when Galen and Harper were forced back together. Even when they were fighting, their chemistry was still there. My only problem was them waiting so long to admit they remembered their one night together. I understood there was no way Galen would have been able to protect Harper if the FBI knew they had a previous relationship of any kind, but it made me angry he didn't let Harper know that he remembered their night together right away. I will say the strength of both Galen and Harper made me love them both more as both individuals and as a couple.

I loved the suspense angle in this book and felt like it held up the entire time. I did figure out who was behind the murder, but not until about midway through the book. I really think this book was a great start to the series and look forward to reading more books from Mandy Baxter in the future.

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Jen Twimom said...

Exactly!! I'm totally excited for the next book, too!