Sunday, November 11, 2012

No Reservations

No Reservations is the newest ebook release from Lilly Cain. The publisher is Carina Press. From the Carina Press website.~

Travis Morgan is thrilled to encounter the one woman who's never failed to get his blood pumping. Seeing Alicia Davis again brings it all back: their fierce academic rivalry, and the fact that he never followed through on his erotic fantasies about her.

Alicia can't resist Travis's smoldering sensuality—or the opportunity to finally bed the man who starred in so many of her lustful daydreams in college. Unable to avoid the temptation to best Travis one more time, Alicia plans to submit to one night of pure pleasure and then leave Travis empty-handed and craving more.
When Travis wakes up and realizes Alicia's played him, the gloves are off, and the game heats up as they each try to emerge on top—by whatever means necessary...

I’ve never read anything by Lilly Cain, but when I saw this up on NetGalley, I knew I had to read it. No Reservations is a novella length story and was a fun and sexy read.

I have to say I really liked both Alicia and Travis, and liked them together even more. The fact Alicia wanted to get Travis back for something from college was a little funny to me. I will say I loved they both were attracted to one another in college, yet never got a chance to act on it. Luckily all these years later, they have no problem acting on those feelings and desires. The chemistry between Alicia and Travis was pretty hot and I look forward to reading more books from Lilly Cain in the future.

The official ebook release date for No Reservations was October 29, 2012 and can be purchased from your favorite online retailer.

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