Sunday, October 14, 2012

Born to be Wild

The Three Musketeers: Born to be Wild is the latest Loveswept Classic Romance release from author Donna Kauffman. From the author’s website.~

Born to Be Wild, the second novel in the Three Musketeers series by Donna Kauffman, is another sensational story of a professional thrill-seeker—and the woman who might just be his ultimate high.
They call themselves the Three Musketeers: three lifelong friends, men who will put it all on the line in the name of honor and loyalty. Of course, that’s nothing for musketeer Zach Brogan, who risks life and limb daily as the owner of an adventure vacation outfitter. Skydiving into active volcanoes, hang gliding off glaciers, diving in shark-infested waters—Zach lives and breathes heart-stopping scenarios. But nothing can prepare him for seeing his childhood friend Dara again—or for the visceral reaction their reunion incites.
Dara Colbourne is living her professional dream: granting elaborate wishes to ill children. Yet when her new project puts her face-to-face with the guy who teased her all through school, Dara is far from pleased. But she is unprepared for the handsome, flirty man that Zach Brogan has become. As the two spar over trip logistics, the heat rises to levels neither can ignore. Is the thrill of adventure all there is between them, or can Dara trust this magnetic bad boy with her heart?

I requested Born to be Wild from NetGalley and was so excited to get approved so I could tell others about this book.

First I have to say I love the friends to lovers’ story so much. Add in the reunion element and you have me from page one. The fact that he is one of her twin brother’s best friends only makes it better in my opinion. I loved Dara and Zach from the very beginning. While they seemed very different from one another initially, as they spent more time together, I could see they were very much alike. Not that Dara didn’t fight her attraction to Zach. She had already lost 2 men in her life because they were thrill seekers, and she doesn’t know if her heart would survive this time. However, things with Zach are different as he may take risk, but always calculates all risk before he goes on his adventures. As Zach and Dara would talk about adventures they did as kids, I could totally see Zach always liked Dara. After all he picked on her as a kid like any boy who likes a girl does. However, now they are all grown up and the chemistry between them is really off the charts. There were plenty of sexy times with them, and the tender and funny love making was every bit as sexy as the steamy times.

I loved that Zach helped Dara see a side of herself she had thought was gone following her dad’s death. She could take risks again, especially since she trusted Zach to have her back. Zach and Dara’s story pulled me in fast. I’ve enjoyed the first two books in The Three Musketeers series and can’t wait to start Dane’s book, Midnight Heat soon.

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