Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rest in Peace Steve McNair

Former Tennessee Titan Steve McNair was found shot to death in a downtown condo in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday afternoon. The Nashville police have now ruled his death as a homicide. The Titans became my team when the then Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee. They became the Tennessee Oilers and played one year in Memphis before moving to Nashville, and playing one year at Vanderbilt before moving to their stadium home at The Coliseum, and becoming the Tennessee Titans. McNair (our #9)  was the heart and soul of the team and played even when he was too injured to practice. Even once he left the Titans, he has always had a presence in Nashville. Only a few weeks ago, he had opened a restaurant over by the TSU campus to help out the community. He hosted football camps every year, would always stop to have his picture taken with a fan, and was seen around the city on a regular basis.

With all the speculation surrounding his death, I hope that everyone remembers all the good he has done on and off the field for so many years. 

Goodbye Steve "Air" McNair. You will always be missed!


Wendy said...

My Man and I celebrated the 4th with an afternoon nap, and we woke up to this news. Just awful. Awful beyond words. And even though the cops were very tight-lipped early on, I looked at My Man and said, "No matter what the truth is, it's not going to be good." And sure enough, with a dead 20-year-old girlfriend beside him, it's certainly not good. My heart bleeds for his wife and 4 children. How is she going to explain this to those boys?

McNair was always one of my favorites during his time in the NFL. One of the toughest guys in the league.

Liza said...

Right now they are saying his wife isn't involved, and I hope with all my heart that she wasn't involved. Not sure if the 20-year-old was a girlfriend or just a friend, but I really hope his children are protected from all of this.

Carolyn Crane (aka CJ) said...

It's really sad when a person's death overshadows their life like that!

Houston A.W. Knight said...

Sad news this was. I hope for the family's peace of mind and for the children the news teams don't drag this out...or make more of it than they have to.