Thursday, July 30, 2009

3 new reviews to be posted soon

So I've finished 3 wonderful books over the last several days and I will get the reviews posted as soon as possible.

First up is Black at Heart by Leslie Parrish. It is the third book in her Black CATs series and is my favorite book in the series. Next is Kiss of the Phantom by Julie Leto. It is currently her final book in her Phantom series and I'm really hoping the publisher changes their mind and lets Julie write more books in this series. Finally, I finished The 8th Confession by James Patterson. It is the latest installment in his Women's Murder Club series and will be the only one released this year.

I'll post a more detailed review for each book hopefully before the weekend is over.


Stacy~ said...

I just finished Pitch Black and absolutely loved it. You've got me so curious about the 3rd one, which I was going to save, but now...I might have to re-think that. Your favorite, huh? So far I've loved the first 2.

Liza said...

I love Fade to Black and Pitch Black, but Black at Heart is my favorite in the series. I'm really hoping that we get more books in the Black CATs series in the future.