Sunday, December 14, 2008

Phantom's Touch

Phantom's Touch by Julie Leto is the second in her Phantom's series. From the back cover~

One more movie and Lauren Cole will be free of her role as an action heroine-and of her producer ex-husband...except that he still has her beloved antique sword. Nothing a little breaking and entering can't fix, but nabbing the weapon unleashes a magic that reignites her love life and puts her in grave danger.

In 1747, Aiden Forsyth stormed a Gypsy camp to save his sister, only to fall victim to a powerful spell that has held him captive for more than two centuries. Finally liberated by a sword-wielding beauty, Aiden learns that in the future all the world's a stage-and he cannot tell if this maiden's affections are genuine or naught but an act. But she holds the key to his freedom, so he pledges to do whatever she asks.

Lauren has never needed a protector-until she's forced to rely on the sexy warrior who has mysteriously appeared in her life. After all, it may be his age-old enemy who is trying to kill her...

Phantom's Touch is a hot book full of action and romance. Lauren Cole is a very strong woman who finds Aiden Forsyth in her beloved antique sword. Aiden finds himself thrust into a world where he has little understanding. Aiden and Lauren also have an instant attraction with a passion that burns up the pages. Aiden wants to be free of the sword so he can find his family, who are already looking for him. Aiden is bound to both the sword and Lauren, who brought him to life again.

Leto gives the reader a little bit of everything with Phantom's Touch. I can't wait for Kiss of the Phantom, which is the next in the Phantom's series, to come out next year.

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JulieLeto said...

Liza, thank you SO MUCH for the review. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the story!