Sunday, November 16, 2008

Even Now

Even Now by Karen Kingsbury is a wonderful book filled with bittersweet memories and hope for the future. Lauren Anderson and Shane Galanter find out at 17 they will be parents. They decide that they want to get married and keep the baby. Their parents have other plans for the young couple. Shane's parents plan to move him to California to get him away from Lauren, and Lauren's parents help them by not giving any forwarding information about Shane to Lauren. Shane's parents also think Lauren should give the baby up for adoption, since the kids are so young to become parents.

Much misunderstanding takes place after baby Emily is born. Lauren believes that her baby daughter dies and Shane has no way to locate any of the Anderson family to find out about his child. Only when Emily, who has been raised by her grandparents after Lauren left, goes through a box of her mom's old stuff are there any clues to the location of her parents.

Lauren and Shane's story is full of romance, turmoil, love, and misunderstanding. Kingsbury gives the reader a wonderful story that is to be continued in the next book in the series Ever After.

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