Monday, October 27, 2008


Unleashed is another wonderful book by Lori Borrill. From the back cover - Purse designer Jessie Beane has some bad habits when it comes to men. So she's going to boost her sexual karma-by indulging in and extra-naughty, one-night stand?

Detective Rick Marshall is the perfect candidate-a hot cop with a creative and insatiable libido. Unfortunately, Jessie's poor excuse for an ex uses the opportunity to rob Jessie's apartment and steal Rick's car...with key evidence in the truck!

Jessie and Rick don't have time to waste...They need to find that car now. And if spending time together gives them the chance to unleash their voracious appetite for each other, then they'll be certain to enjoy every salacious minute.

Unleashed is a very fast-paced romance. Borrill writes a winner with the chemistry between Jessie and Rick. Both have stayed away from the opposite sex for different reasons, and when they get together it's like fireworks on the 4th of July. Rick finds a woman that draws him out of the shell he has lived in for the past few years, and Jessie finds the first man she has ever been able to trust. The romance between Rick and Jessie is a bit of a roller coaster, but the ride is worth it.

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Carolyn Jean said...

Wow, this sounds really good. I love purses...I love romances with cops...fireworks...
And it's a detective story sort of. Thanks for the review.