Sunday, September 21, 2008

Then You Hide

Then You Hide by Roxanne St. Claire is the second in the Bullet Catcher trilogy. Wade Cordell is assigned to locate Vanessa Porter and bring her back to South Carolina to meet the woman who possibly gave her up in a black market adoption ring thirty years ago. Vanessa has known she was adopted for years and has no desire to go meet her birth mother. She does however need Wade's help to locate one of her friends in the Caribbean.

Wade makes the deal that he will help locate her friend and Vanessa agrees to go to South Carolina to meet her mother and see if she is a bone marrow match, since her birth mother has leukemia. Wade soon learns that they are up against people who are trying to keep them from finding Vanessa's friend Clive. As it becomes clear that more is in the works than just locating her friend and leaving town, Wade must work overtime to keep Vanessa and himself safe from those around them.

Wade and Vanessa also find that they can't fight the attraction they feel for one another. Vanessa really has never committed to anyone at all and really doesn't like that Wade carries a gun. Wade is trying to figure out if he wants to take a full time job with Bullet Catchers, and wants to know how Vanessa really feels.

St. Claire again throws some surprises in the mix, but overall writes another action packed romance with a bit of mystery for good measure. I look forward to reading the final book in the trilogy, Now You Die.

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