Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hot Property

Hot Property by Carly Phillips is the fourth and final book in the Hot Zone series. Hot Property is John Roper's and Amy Stone's story. Amy has just moved to New York to work for the Hot Zone-Athletes Only public relations firm. Her first client is John Roper and from their first meeting at her cousin's wedding, Amy feels she must fight her attraction to John. John has no such need and pursues Amy from their very first meeting.

Amy must find a way for John to rehab from an injury while keeping his family occupied so they don't interfere with his health. The only way to keep John from his family is to take him away and not let anyone know where he will be. Only when they are out of the public eye does Amy finally give into her feelings for John.

Both John and Amy must find ways to change their personal lives to make things work for them together. Only with courage and strength do they each grow and become strong enough to be together. Carly Phillips writes another winner with Hot Property and we will all miss the Hot Zone characters in the future.

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