Friday, May 09, 2008

Surviving Demon Island

Surviving Demon Island is the first in a series of kick-ass Demon Hunters by Jaci Burton. Surviving Demon Island starts with a group of ordinary people all competing on a reality television show. What none of the participants realize is they are all being tested to see if they too can be Demon Hunters.

Derek Marks is the lead trainer for the future Demon Hunters, and Gina Bliss is one of the most talented fighters of the group. Derek and Gina have fantastic chemistry both as partners in fights and partners in bed...when they finally make it to a bed. Both have had situations in their pasts, as well as all the other fighter and hunters, where a demon has taken someone away for their family. Derek and Gina don't know that they are being picked out from the group because of Derek's past. Derek and Gina must let their love for one another protect both their lives.

Surviving Demon Island is a fast moving, action-packed book. There is plenty of sexy scenes between Derek and Gina, as well as lots of action between the demons and the hunters. Hunting the Demon is the next in the Demon Hunter series and I can't wait to find out what happens with the hunters.

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