Sunday, April 13, 2008

Unleash the Night

Unleash the Night is the next in the Dark-Hunter series. Unleash the Night centers around Were-Hunter Wren Tigarian And Marguerite Goudeau, who Wren always calls Maggie. Maggie and her study group go to Sanctuary to have a drink in memory of their friend an study group member Nick Gautier. Maggie meets Wren at Sanctuary, when one of her "friends" starts a fight with Wren. Maggie continues to be drawn to Wren and they keep running into each other. Wren is a special type of Were-Hunter. His animal is half white tiger-half snow leopard. Were-Hunters are not supposed to try to form relationships with humans.

The action heats up when the other Were-Hunters put out a hit on Wren for killing his parents years ago. He is injured and finally appears to Maggie as his tigard. With help from Julian, Kyran, and a few Were-Hunters, Maggie and Wren go back in time to try and prove him innocent. Both Maggie and Wren must fight for each other and their lives. Another look into the various people and animals that make up the amazing world of the Dark-Hunter series.

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