Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dark Side of the Moon

Dark Side of the Moon is the next in the Dark-Hunter series and focuses on Susan Michaels and Ravyn Kontis. Susan is a reporter for an "Enquirer" type newspaper that sales stories that seem to be too ridiculous to be true. Her boss, and college friend Leo, as her to look into a blog site by "Dark Angel" about her boss the shape-shifting vampire hunter. Before Susan can do any research, her best friend ask her to come to the animal shelter to see about a pet. Of course, Susan is totally allergic to all animals, so she only goes by to help out her friend. This is were she first meets Rayvn Kontis, who is currently in cat form. Her friend sends Rayvn home and everything goes a bit crazy from that point on. Rayvn, once in a darkened house, comes out in man form. Rayvn is a special Were-Hunter, who also happens to be a Dark-Hunter. Before any of the facts can be processed by Susan, they are attached by Daimons and police officers, who are working with the Daimons, Susan and Rayvn must take off together in order to survive. You meet several squires of the Seattle Dark-Hunters, including Susan's boss Leo.

As a bonus, Nick shows up in Seattle with no knowledge of the length of time he has been gone. He is very bitter and basically blames Acheron for anything and everything that has gone wrong with the world since he and his mother died in New Orleans 2 years ago. With many battles against Daimons and a few crooked humans, Susan and Rayvn find they are not only are mates in battle, but in life as well. With the history Rayvn has being mated, he is very hesitant to ask Susan for that type of commitment. Only with help from Acheron, do Rayvn and Susan finally make a choice. Nick also choose to make a life altering choice that only makes me want to finish the next 4 books in the series even faster.

My next read will actually be The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I watched the movie on Lifetime over the weekend and am ready to find out how closely the movie followed the book.

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